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Lure Angler

The society's magazine is published quarterly and is a valuable source of information and interest regarding lure fishing. The majority of the content is generated by its own members and covers every aspect of the sport from tackle and techniques to any and every species of predatory (and not so predatory ) fish that will take an artificial lure.

Game, coarse and sea fish are regularly featured as are articles on fishing in other parts of the world. Occasional features by Japanese, US and European anglers give a different perspective on the techniques and lures used in other cultures.

The magazine is full colour and quality paper makes this magazine a collector's item. Back issues are available from Ron Dalton at: membership@lureanglers.co.uk or go to Contact Us for other contact details.

A digital edition is now available free to all members of the LAS. Non members can now subscribe at 2.99 per issue or 9.99 for four issues. Click here to subscribe Or click the magazine banner above



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