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LAS Photo Gallery - Perch

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LAS Photo Gallery

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MakQ8532 views
MakQ8481 views
MakQ8509 views
MakQ8604 views
MakQ8397 views
noodle404 views
Fat Perch1319 viewsTim Kelly with a 4lb 14 oz lure caught perch! Wow.
dans 3lb 12 oz perch yogi brown trout.jpg
Dans Perch2075 views3lb 12 Oz caught on a Yogi.

Cracking fish, well done
4lb perch1139 viewsTaken on a size 10 black buzzer - the fly weighed less than 1gm
Andrzej's Perch 3lb 15oz.jpg
Andrzej 3lb 15 oz Perch1664 viewsPicture perfect, easily looks its weight. Im sure many anglers would have found the extra couple of oz's to put it over 4lb.
Sometimes its just an honour to catch a specimen perch like that and a couple of oz's either way clearly dont really matter.
Luca Perch 3lb 2oz.jpg
Lucas 3lb 2oz Perch1225 viewsA River Thames Perch, well done Luca
Greedy Perch!1223 viewsA Massive 4lb 8 oz perch caught by Matt79jh on a 19cm 4play!
From Under the Ice.1111 viewsKev Taylor braved the snow and ice to fish a local river with some new soft plastics. 1 take was enough to convince him the effort was worthwhile. Almost 2lbs of snowy perch.
Monster on Surface Lure!1254 viewswell OK not quite a monster but this little perch was after a big dinner when it took a jitterbug. Pic from Matt79jh.
I Spy.........1150 viewsOne of Danny Parkins perch
Stripey Heaven1284 viewsMartin Harding and Danny Parkins made a 400mile round trip for a chance to get some excellent perch fishing. Looks like it paid off - one of 15 perch this one weighing 2lb 12oz
Dutch Perch1209 viewsThey all like jigs! Paul posted this great perch pic on the forum.
Perch & DIY Marabou1355 viewsDan has been catching some cracking perch and wanted to catch some on diy jigs for a LAS Journal article - the picture says it all.
Dutch Perch1345 viewsPaul from the netherlands is the admin on a dutch fishing site - No stranger to big perch this is one of his best and almost 50cm long!!!
Reservoir Perch1383 viewsEvaldas and his boat partner showed the potential of a local reservoir by catching a number of perch and trout including this specimen. That is one fat looking perch.
Canal Perch1506 viewsPat and Dan Wilcox struggled to find a fish on a different venue. But when Dan did get a take it was something a bit special! 3 1/4lb of canal perch.
Commercial Cracker1130 viewsDanny and some of the South West Chapter braved storm force winds to tackle a local commercial fishery targetting Perch. Perch to 2lb 15oz were caught including this 2lb 5oz Stripey! Luckily the owners didnt seem to mind lure fishing but check before you start.
Perch at Dusk1293 viewsJamie Pearce was rewarded by this 2lb 6oz perch at dusk. A lucky encounter with a photographer "who knew what he was doing" resulted in this stunning picture. A Hammer Shad was the lure this stripey couldnt resist.
Perch Haul for the Editor!!1396 viewsJohn Cheyne and Roy Goddard shared a boat and a great day at Chew Reservoir catching 13 perch over the 3lb mark! This one was the first of 5 fish all taken by John on consecutive casts. 3lb 15oz!!! Roy equalled his PB of 3lb 10oz.
Kriss Rolka's Eynsham Perch 1217 viewsEric Weight took this pic of a 2lb 2oz perch for Kriss at Eynsham - but we dont have a current email address for him. If you know Kriss let him know his pic has made the gallery. :)
Kev Taylors 3lb+ Perch1476 viewsKev Taylor regularly manages something a bit special at an LAS fish-in. Eynsham proved to be no exception when this 3lb 1oz perch took a liking to his spinnerbait. A 3lb perch has been a target for a while now having had to endure all those 2lb'ers for so long its a result.
Thames Perch1564 viewsDan Wilcox caught this 4lb perch on a home made spinner. Described as looking like "a bream with stripes" when it rolled at the net. A beautiful looking fish and a species best I think you may have difficulty beating! But prove me wrong and the photo will be on here.
Perch Heaven1474 viewsOn a recent trip Ben Thomas couldnt believe his luck when he took 2 PB's on the same day - and that was 2 different species. This 4lb 1oz perch took a liking to a 6" jelltex shad. Is there any fish bigger than a big perch?
4lb+ Thames Perch1778 viewsAnother picture of Nick's 4lb Perch caught on 21/09/08 - worth being on the river at 7am. With the lure weighed 4lb 4oz.
Thames Perch2070 viewsNick Horobets sent in this picture of a 4lb+ perch he caught on the Thames - no need to ask what he caught it on!
Who says perch wont take surface lures!1572 viewsPaul Huxcoeur sticks two fingers up at anyone who sugests perch wont take a surface lure. Taken at the recent "top water day" a great looking stripey!
Another Lomond Perch1462 viewsKeith caught this 3.5lb Lomond perch on a rough day. I would say that must of made up for it!
Clonking Stripey!1395 viewsKeith Brint caught this whopping 4lb Perch on a Rapala Shad Rap RS while fishing on Loch Lomond.
Awesome Perch1757 viewsSteve Moore took this spectacular looking 4lb 3oz lure chomping stripey on a Fox Replicant.
Paul Huxcoeur.1437 viewsNo stranger to big Perch, this one went 3-1 from the River at Lechlade and took a Storm Shad.
Paul Huxcoeur1454 viewsA superb new PB Perch for Paul at 4 lbs 3 oz.
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