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When registering, please ensure that you list your general location as it is helpful to other members who may be local to you.
For all lure enthusiasts, this is the place to talk lure fishing and discuss the endless, absorbing problems that this fascinating branch of angling raises. It is already apparent that members local (and not so local ) to each other are prepared to meet new faces and fish together. There is a lot of lure fishing knowledge to draw on within the society and this is a quick and easy way to access it.

Questions for the committee are always welcome, especially if they are constructive, but personal abuse will not be tolerated. Please do not use foul language as children are free to register and use this site. We do not allow religious or political debate. Persistent offenders will have their access restricted, removed and membership cancelled . The views of the individual members of the forum may not reflect the views of the LAS. As there are no full time moderators every post cannot be read and if there are any issues with any posts contact the webmaster and they will be reviewed.

Non-members are welcome to to view the messages posted, but to join in the discussion you will have to register and although not compulsory, why not join the Society.

Remember - Humour is welcome, rudeness is not.

Talk Fishing.